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Answered one question about DLC too fast.

The Survey asked "how does a game having DLC weigh on your decision to purchase it?"

Without thinking it over I selected "not at all" however on second thought,....

I DO NOT like DLC for games, and if a game has it, especially before the damn thing is even released (BF4) its a HUGE negative for me. Reason being, case n point, for the most part they are just trying to make people pay for what they used to just include in games through unlockable's, easter eggs, other hidden gems n what not. Now you just pay $2.99 and you can get Sagat's new costume,.... ^%$#! that.

Having said that from time to time there is Worthy new content released, things like The Shivering Isles for Oblivion which can add at least 20-40 new hours of gameplay at bare minimum (personally it added closer to 100hrs for me) that is a worthy add on. However, things like new guns, new characters, and what not should simply be included ESPECIALLY if the game hasn't even been released yet.

Far, far to much leeway has been given for what is acceptable as DLC and what is not. There are pros and there are cons to be sure, I'm just sick of feeling like I'm being ripped off when I drop $60 for a new game, and then the following day/week I begin to get emails about adding new maps, guns, and game modes, PUT THAT ^%$# in the game I just paid for please!