Agent Artemis-The Nightlife Game: A new location based game to be launched soon

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#1 Posted by AgentArtemis (25 posts) - Welcome to Agent Artemis, the spy game that is played in real locations. Experience a brave new world, where spies don't work directly for the government but for private companies hired by the state. Of course there is a certain level of friction between such competing companies, friction which by some unkind observers are also labelled "spy wars". But who will ever doubt the benefits of a lean government and outsourcing! After all haven't the recent improvement in satellite technology and general surveillance made the city a safer place to live in for all of us? Become a spy on hire and help us in those places where the power of the satellite surveillance is still limited. Dive into the nightlife and hunt your enemies in real locations. Agent Artemis will test how well you can observe others and how well you can bluff . It is a game that is inconspicuous to outsiders so that it does not interfere with any social activities which you enjoy while hanging out. While hunting spies is already a lot of fun, Agent Artemis is a good flirting game as well because we will work hard to give you suitable enemies. Enjoy the night and don't get caught ....