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Hello everybody! I just join this forum site & like to share my experience with you. I've a blog site related after life you can see it but now I'm on this discussion forum only for looking for a afterlife computer game. so do you know any games related afterlife? please share with me.
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I might sound stupid for asking this but is this a specific games series your looking for, or are you looking for a game themed in the afterlife.
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You'll probably like Rule of Rose's story, even though the control scheme and hit detection is beyond lousy. Game is a rare PS2 title, though. Unless you get lucky at your local EBgames, it's gonna cost you.

Planescape Tormented is a PC game that you can get pretty cheap over at

Can't really think of any others, Most others are just horror type games. Living in an undead world type of thing. Siren may classify.... I guess. There is a PS2 version (the orginal). And episode style PSN version, called Siren Blood Curse and a retail disk Japanese version, called Siren New Translation. (New Translation is 100% translated into English, but hard to find. used to carry it.). The PSN version is censored. The disk version is uncensored. The PS2 version is more detailed and extremely long....

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It's not a PC game, but make sure to check out Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 when it's released