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First off, I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. I couldn't decide the best forum for this. Now that that's out of the way, let's begin:

I have $200 I'm willing to drop on a gaming desktop. On the things I list that I'm selling, I need to see your estimated guess for the money I'd receive for this over (Ebay, Craigslist... Need advice for that also). THEY ARE ALL USED. THEY ARE ALL GREAT CONDITION.

Macbook Pro


2 PS3 wireless controllers with dual chargers and connectable USB charger.

Bluetooth Microphone with charger

GTA 5, Skyrim 5 Legendary edition, BF4, AC4, and about $30 worth of other games...

I calculated in my guess in total I'd receive $610, bringing me to $810 for my gaming desktop. Is this realistic? How much do you believe I'd get? What site should I use to sell this? Anything else worth saying?


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My thought process:

$300 for Macbook Pro (bought for $1100)

$80 for PS3

$50 for controllers and those accessories

$20 for charger and mic

$160 for the games.