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Hey guys these are the games I want to complete this summer. Ignore the times as I have them there for a reason. (I know they are not all action and adventure games but a lot are so just try and help.) I'm trying to play some of my favorite childhood games and also play some of the really famous games that I've never played before or I want to beat again... What games should I add? Although I already have played pokemon should I add it? and if so which one? Here is the list: Fallout 3 (est. 40 hrs) (PC) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (est. 15 hrs) (N64) Link to the Past (est. 12 hrs) (GameBoy) Final Fantasy 6 (est. 40 hrs.) (PlayStation) Jak and Daxter (est. 18 hrs) (PlayStation) Jak 2 (est. 25 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Jak 3 (est. 26 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Crash Bandicoot (est. 10 hrs) (PlayStation) Crash 2 (est. 8 hrs) (PlayStation) Crash 3 (est. 15 hrs) (PlayStation) Crash Nitro Kart (est. 7 hrs) (PlayStation) Super Mario World Advance 2 (est. 14 hrs) (GameBoy Advance SP) Kingdom Hearts (est. 22 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Kingdom Hearts 2 (est. 35 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Pacman World 2 (est. 12 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Frogger 2 (est. 6 hrs) (PC) Guitar Hero 3 (est. 5 hrs) (PlayStation 2) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (est. 35 hrs) (PC) Portal 2 (est. 35 hrs) (PC) Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom (est. 18 hrs.) (PlayStation 2) Skyrim (est. 45 hrs.) (PC)
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Don't know if you like racing games but Grid 2 (PC) is amazing!
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Shadow of the colossus or ICO , i think they are both epic games and if you got time and money you can play them too , also if you want to add pokemon , add something like pokemon fire red or classic poke games like gold or yellow
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If you'll play Fallout 3 i suggest you give its expansion New Vegas a chance. They're selling it bundled with all the DLC now, which in total makes it a better game in my opinion. As far as classics go, I don't know much. I know I liked the Soul Reaver trilogy... (Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance) If you have any means to play Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess by all means do so. ...right now i can't think of many more "classics" ...
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what about Assassins creed?