*a wild idea appears* (Pokemon / WiiU related)

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Today I checked the eshop on my 3DS and looked at the Pokedex 3D Pro which comes soon and I was surprised that it has so many Pokemons in it with 3D models. According tohttp://www.pokedex3d.com/en-us/it's 640.

So I thought: Why would Nintendo go through all that effort to create 3D models for over 600 Pokemon instead of going the easy way and use the well known 2D models from front and back? I guess because they want to re-use those models. But for what?

So I was thinking about how devs complained about Ram of consoles when it comes to MMORPGs or other huge RPGs. And that the WiiU has so much Ram for a system with it's power. So it would probably be able to output a decent MMORPG.

Might Nintendos promises to increase their online stuff, the fact that they made so many 3D models of Pokemon and the amount of Ram on the WiiU has indicate that we will get a Pokemon MMORPG on WiiU? After all it has a lot of fans requesting it and it would be an extreme system seller. It would also has the chance on being on of the most popular MMORPGs ever. Just imagine turnig your tablet controller into a Pokedex, running around with friends fighting Pokemonss to save villages :D

What do you think? Is it possible or even likely we finally get our Pokemon MMORPG? :D

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Uhhh... I'm not sure if this theory makes sense but....Pokemon MMO would probably be really cool, although i'm pretty sure Game Freak said they never want to do it.

What you can bet on though is Pokemon being in full 3D on the 3DS and maybe some type of co-op mode similar to what Dragon Quest IX had, being implemented.