A quick look at how .io game is so popular

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I know that .io thing is kinda got out of hand and every single .io game seems just as addictive as the next one, then one day I bumped into another .io game (on Google Play like, just yesterday) and it's just like they found another way to expand the .io series: Painting.io

It's not painting game per se, just the character you control is rolling a painting roller and expand his land just, like every other .io game. But this time it got music, and you don't swipe your screen either, you have to tap along with the music beat. And the tease that got me in this game had some good music and I just got stuck ear bug.

But the essence doesn't change, with your finger, you expand your land and somehow this simple gesture and the expending color that belongs to you brings you such satisfaction and you just CAN NOT STOP (like um-huh)

I'm not saying that people nowadays have simpler mind that can't admire the real great true artistic game, it's just with facked up reality, sometimes you just want to swipe, or in this case tap, mindlessly and get yourself some simple and menial happiness

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multiplayer fighting, a blast of joy

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Music adds to io is an amazing idea!

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I have got my first legend in game. It's ultra fun to battle with many people in real-time match.