A question on the Pokemon Company and its relationship to Nintendo

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According to an Andriasang.com article, the Pokemon Company plans to release an free rhythm Pokemon game (Pokemon Ie Tap) for the iPhone and Android smart-phones which some people may think Nintendo is changing its policy on releasing its IPs on other platforms. However, it turns out that is not true as the Pokemon Company is a separate company from Nintendo (even though Nintendo owns 32% of the company's stock and partially owns the Pokemon trademark).

A question I like to ask: what is the status of the Pokemon Company to Nintendo? Is it considered a second-party developer similar to the status of Rare prior to 2002, or is it a third-party developer since it plans to release the rhythm game on the iPhone and Android?

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seeing as iphone is not competing with ds in any way, i dont see why nintnedo would stop them

, but i m guessing its an agreement with nintendo and who makes pokemon to make the main franchise on the ds /nintnedo platforms ,

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I would say second, since they haven't released anything on a system that is directly competing with nintendo. Either that, or second and a half party.