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Something that been interesting me for a while.. what does make everyone of you addicted to a game? what makes a game freakishly epic to you? as a gamer myself for me its almost all about the storyline and the endless choices
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It's basically the reward from playing a game that gives people a false sense of accomplishment, so they want to play more and more because it may be their real life isn't fulfilling or rewarding, so they play games to achieve this feeling, which gets people addicted. I'm one of them lol, and I love it. But i'm starting to read more to use my imagination and EXPAND my mind. Einstein said imagination is greater than knowledge. I believe that imagination can help you to attain greater knowledge. And reading is always a good thing and makes you smarter. I believe more so than games. Although games do require problem solving, there is no imagination, it's already set before you which means it requires less thinking.