A Plague Tale: Innocence is truly the best hidden gem, it's fantastic!

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After playing it yesterday on PC, I gotta admit, I cannot stress this enough but more people need to try this game at some point. It's a fantastic tale that hits all the heart strings in a good way and it's "The Last of Us" set in Medieval. That said, I would advice waiting on a sell despite it's only $45, (price may very but at least it isn't $60) I think you should purchase this at least $30 but other then that, it was worth what I paid for only because this is a really good game. So who's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence? what's your opinion?

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Setting looks interesting but any game that is advertised as "pretty graphics"/ "such a nice story". . And nothing else worth of value, is lost on me.

Those who like these experiences? Enjoy the cinematic Naughty Dog'like game. I'm busy with CastleVania personally. Because a focus on gameplay is more my preference in gaming.

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I'm living it, it will easily end on my top games this year.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I'm currently playing it on my Xbox One X, the game itself is engaging and the characters are interesting. I like the idea the world of French is infested with Rats. I hate Rat myself but wow, I sometimes get freak out if I see a rodent coming to my way. But anyhow, I'll give it a 8/10 for now at least but the stealth isn't top notch but it's still fun to sneak around.

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This game should be illegal. 2 kids. Child endangerment and abuse

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I definitely want to try this gem

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Yeah I definitely want to try this soon.

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Yea, I watch this. Those kids take on the whole army. Pretty crazy.

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I dont much care for games that star kids in lead roles. Sorry. Well okay, TLoU is great, (apart from the tedious Ellie parts.)

No, seriously. It always grates me when JRPGs, for example, put kids into your party. I mean seriously? You're going to save the world, and you take a bunch of kids along?

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@henrythefifth: amen!!!

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@henrythefifth said:

I dont much care for games that star kids in lead roles. Sorry.

You're going to save the world, and you take a bunch of kids along?

In hindsight Spider Man shouldn't exist. He's just some dumb school kid in a Halloween costume moaning about his grades to robbers.

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This game looks very interesting, but sit looks maybe too scripted for my liking.

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Sweet, thanks for the impressions, Dav. I'm definitely putting this on my wishlist

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i buy it later this year looks promising

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I think the game is fantastic. I'm loving every minute. It's basically a puzzle game with a great story in an amazing environment.