A new space horror game emerges from the depths of space: Negative Atmosphere!

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Negative Atmosphere: Can I copy your homework?

Dead Space: Sure, just make sure it isn't obvious XD

All jest aside, if you like Dead Space, (like me really) you may want to keep an eye on this one in the future and I heard a demo will be release late this year and this is still in development. Wonder how EA will respond to this? Hmmm.

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I love Dead Space. This looks both like a shameless ripoff and terrible. It's like a joke. Not even a little bit interested. I hope EA shuts it down.

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Lol, I never played Dead Space so I'll say...oh well. :P

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Dead Space itself was a ripoff, the director made no bones about it directly citing "RE4 in space", but it at least it still tried to distinguish itself. Unless this is a free fan game, shameless is an understatement.

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Resident Evil 4: 4 in Space seems pretty cool, may keep an eye out for it.

Though honestly just trying to convince myself not to buy Resi 4 on Switch.

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I love Dead Space. I played Dead Space so much. This game looks ok. I will try this game just to see how it feels.

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Oh wow, they're not even trying to cover up the fact they're ripping off Dead Space.

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Hey that looks good. I did enjoy the first Dead Space game on Xbox 360 years ago but never got around playing the other 2 games. That one looks like it could be fun but I gotta agree with everyone here it's a rip-off and for someone who enjoys the first one is gonna know right away this is a copyright strike waiting to happen.

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Hell yeah I always wanted another good Dead Space game. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Somebody should do it cuz EA ain't.

RIP Visceral

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Wow... as soon as I saw the still image I just thought dead space. Then I watched video and Jeeeezz! - it's almost as if they're deliberately trying to violate copyright laws.

Hard pass.

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Just off the bat there is one thing that bugs me.
Do the developers realize they can use more colors then grey on the protaganist?

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They really weren't even trying

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@turtlethetaffer said:

They really weren't even trying

They sure wasn't and with a name like Negative=Dead/Atmosphere=Space, they gave themselves away with this one lol.