2player Co-op N64???

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#1 Posted by CapitalG43 (25 posts) -
Do you kno any good co-op games for N64??? Please List Thanx
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#2 Posted by mjgulkis (459 posts) -

jet force gemini: not too good

rainbow six: terrible port

duke nukem: not sure

n64 didn't have too many co op games

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#3 Posted by Travo_basic (38751 posts) -
Perfect Dark was about the best co-op.
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#4 Posted by aBathingApe_ (264 posts) -
Perfect Dark 64 and Jet Force Gemini are the only two really decent ones I remember. If Goldeneye had it, then that to, but if not, then no.
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#5 Posted by stake (4157 posts) -
Gauntlet legends and hexen are decent
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#6 Posted by hammer_of_thor_ (2260 posts) -

Perfect Dark was about the best co-op.Travo_basic

This was the first co-op game that I played, good fun it was.

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#7 Posted by GiygasFanima (1333 posts) -
Fighting Force 64, Bomberman 64: Second Attack.
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#8 Posted by doubutsuteki (3425 posts) -

Do you kno any good co-op games for N64??? Please List Thanx CapitalG43

Goemon's Great Adventure. Go get it!! It's way better than all those games that people listed above.

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#9 Posted by BhadCookie (25 posts) -

Wow, I must be Extremely Late, because I think the best co op games are Goe man, Perfect Dark,Fighting Force, Super Smash Bros. , Im Sure Rainbow Six works too. But if you ever get this message your welcome

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#10 Posted by ionusX (25757 posts) -

co-op wasnt the n64's strong suit.. competitive lay was where its at or SP

ooh oohh diddy kong racing!!