2D fighters or 3D fighters?

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After getting my ass beat in Ultra Street Fighter IV, I have come to the conclusion that I am not built for 2D fighters. I put in the work and try, but something doesn't click with that realm of fighters. I am very good at Tekken, Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur (I'm ok at DOA). I use to be really good at the 2D fighters as a kid but now that I am older and fought a bit in amateur MMA I can apply a bit of that logic to the 3D fighters easier then 2D.

Also in 2D fighters, there less defensive options and moments of escape so it feels like sometimes the best defense is the best offense and the best defense you can do on that realm of fighting is be the ultra counter puncher. In a game like Street Fighter it seems like if you can perfect one combo you are golden as long as you know the frame data, timing and specific character ranges. In a game like VF or Tekken I feel like their are a lot of BnB moves for every character but with the long move list you can always surprise someone if you have a good memory and recognition.

The essence of fighting is read and react, but 2D fighters it's basically blocking so you can do something, or else the mix ups, chip damage, priority and frames will get you. In 3D fighters it's based off know how, range and mixing up your combos.

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I empaphize with that.... DoA and VF5 are just better at defensive play, which makes them better games overall.

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Most of 2D fighters I played against other people always end up with someone playing defensively/turtleing, which isn't very interesting. Then again, I haven't really played them for very long, except for UMK3
So yeah, I prefer 3D

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Yup I also like the realism that comes with 3D fighting games.

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I prefer 2D game for mobile, Shadow figher is the best :3

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I enjoy them both and don't have any difficulties playing either but my preference is 2D.

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Any fighting game that has a step to the side move is not a game I want to play.

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FOR SHAME ! ! ! :(

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Virtua Fighter 5 is probably the best fighter on the market. Street Fighter has lost it a bit. King of Fighters is underrated as well.