2018 - Baaaahhhh!!!!!

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Hi 2018 … you are almost gone!

Have I played more games? Suuuurree. Do I need to play more often? Yeeeesss. … Can I take my games with me when I die? Probably not? :(

Oh I hope we find a way to live forever … want to transplant my brain into a robot!

I'm now a father of two! Wow … Never thought I'd write that in my next post from my last one in 2013 … wow. I still remember exactly where I was when I wrote my last post. Weird huh?

My daughter is 4 and my son will be 2 soon. I play games sure … not as much as I'd like … but I do!

Can't wait to get my kids into it. Such great memories I have growing up with video games. My daughter has some interest, she can move Mario left and right on screen but moving and jumping is another thing. I have memories of Super Mario Bros for NES in 1989 with my dad. I'm pretty sure I wasn't very good at it. I remember my dad playing it for me mostly, but I was good at shooting those ducks! (Standing an inch from the Tele!) haha!

Anyways - Good Post I'd say for the middle of the night. Later!

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Are you sure there won't be a big Gamestop up there in the sky? *shiver*

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Trade your souls for games.