Corrupted memory card, what to do?

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Okay, so quite some time ago I gave away all of my gamecube stuff. My Gf got my memory card, one of the 1019 block ones, with every game i have ever owned (for GC anyway), and now all of her games. The memory card says that it needs to be formatted, but is there any way around this? She really doesnt want to lose all of her games data, and id be kinda crushed as well, since i gave her a bunch of my games, and we still play them together.


Thanx in advance or the help.

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You could try turning on the Gamecube without a game and check your memory card from there. It's happened to me a few times a well :evil: but sometimes the only option is to reformat it.

BTW is your card an offical one or a third party card? If it's an offical Nintendo one you could contact them and ask them to fix it or replace it with another one. Also if you only have one memory card it's best to get another one to use to back up important saves.


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From my experience, any kind of curruption error message means bad, bad news.
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Well too bad for you...
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This generally means a KO for your card, but I may have a solution (besides getting Nintendo to fix it).

Put it in a sounds crazy, but works with memory cards and hard-drives (most of the time).  What you do is put the card in a bag or two to make sure it doesn't get wet.  Then pop it into your freezer for an hour or so....this does fix the problem, but not 100% of the time. 

Hope this works for worked for me before on some PS1 memory cards, and a buddy of mine's GC card. :)

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When I get a message saying my memory card's corrupt, I just remove it and re-insert it. It works fine for me after that. In the future, buy a licensed memory card.
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Also try buying some canned air at an electrick store. It works very effectively.
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If you ever get it to work again, immidiately back it up on another card, because it's likely only a temporary solution.  I have lost 2 cards like this, and often the first message you can get around, but that just means the card is on its way out and needs a backup.