slvl question for multiplayer

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So can someone explain to me what sl I should be at or around for pvp? Also, what about sl for covenants like the sun bros.? If my level is too high will I be able to be summoned to help with bosses? Thanks in advance.

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150, blood brotherhood (use cracked reds or red soapstone), the "PVP HQ" of DS2 seems to be Iron Keep bridge so far. You can be summoned regardless your SL for co-op, you just have to know where to look in regards to your SL and SM.

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OMG I have to go to Chancellor wellager in NG++ or kill 500 players in PVP in the blood brother covenant to get the great chaos fireball. That sucks!

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@ExtremeWealth: it doesnt suck. What do u want a good spell handed to you? That way everyone would be using it.

Its good for there to be rewards like this espeacially for pvp.

EDIT: wouldnt be much of a REWARD otherwise.