Most buggy souls title yet

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Im writing this cause im irritated that the reviewer didn't address how buggy this game is - even praising it for not having the same frame rate issue the first dark souls had in just one of the areas, but didn't detract from the quality of the experience nearly as much as the bugs do in dark souls 2: enemies disappearing into thin air, lousy hit detection and combat having a somewhat "soft feel" more reminiscent to the game dragon's dogma than the previous souls titles, and numerous cosmetic or visual bugs that don't detract from the experience as much as the former things mentioned. Also the graphics lack the same 3d quality of the previous titles and look really bland and dull, kind of like a ps2 game. The hit detection is the worst of all the bugs - sometimes working in your favor like how the first boss stomped me once and i didnt lose any life, but usually not in my favor - where at the beginning of the salt fort there are crossbow dudes who always seem to get a cheap hit in, sometimes even when im fully in cover. These combat bugs, very numerous, but to keep this post short im not gonna mention all, make dying much less fun and severely detract from the souls' experience where, previously, death was ALWAYS YOUR FAULT. I'd like to mention that im a big souls fan beginning with demon's souls at around the time it was first released, then dark souls. Im also a bigger fan of demon's souls than dark souls because of the quality of the game and experience where there was so much attention to detail, nothing was recycled, no stupid undead, and a truly innovative game structure. One last thing id like to mention is how none of the enemies in dark souls 2 seem to have an identity of their own -just a bunch of dumb polymorphic monsters. Nonetheless, im still enjoying the game, namely cause im still excited about it; however, i wouldnt strongly recommend it to anyone who isnt a fan.

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cool story bro

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Completely agree with you solarflp and it saddens me that i agree with you; it is so different from demon's souls and thats not a good thing it doesn't have the demon's souls feel that we all love, the gameplay and even things like how the menu is displayed feels not like a souls game more like a dragon's dogma like you said. The game isn't tight and feels buggy and laggy. disappointed but still excited and hopefully i will love this game by the end of it

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I think I agree with OP. From all the videos I've seen this DS2 seems to be a bit different than the prior 2 Souls and there's now an element of cheapness in this game. Similar to rubber banding AI in car games, the AI in this game causes deaths which are not your fault and feels like it "cheats" at times.

I don't mind the multiple enemies at once, but previously you could take them all without getting hit and it felt like you could subdue them with your skill. Here, it is a hit or miss. Enemies sometimes can get a not possible hit on you, your hit can connect but still miss, their hit can miss but still register damage etc.

I prefer older DS than this.

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@solarflp: I have to say that after playing it more there is a good variety of enemies and bosses, but the bugs do still persist.