Is there a good place to farm Titanite shards?

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I'll admit, I'm fairly desperate for them. I just need one more to move my weapon up to the next material needed for them and I got some new armor better suited for me that I'd like to upgrade as well,

has anyone found an area that at least gives a chance of dropping them?

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Not yet bro but I'll let you know OK. I did hear over on some better forums that eventually there will be a blacksmith with unlimited supply of the first-tier ones, and also some palace where you can farm the higher tier ones.

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Yea I havn't been able to upgrade my crap since the beginning when I bought the blacksmith out of stock.

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at start of Harvest Valley ( from huntsman copse) u well her which sell titanite shrad unlimited!!

large titanite shard sell by Steady Hand McDuff at lost bastille after you get dull ember at iron keep later

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Stone trader Chloanne (beginning of harvest valley, Later by bonfire in Majula) Will only have unlimited titanite shards after you clear the Iron Keep...

unlimited large titanite shards => Clear Drangleic Castle

unlimited titanite chunks => after defeating the final boss..

Until then invading people for the bell keeper covenant will get you a titanite shard each time you win..

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The Hammer Wielding Demons in the Mining Area of Harvest Valley dropped them loads for me, but yeah loads of vendors sell them

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@Xxthesorrow90xX: yeah join covenant of champions so that the enemies constantly respawn then travel to "earthen peak - Lower Earthen Peak" . Go BACKWARDS from the Bonfire. Make sure you've got equipped your jesters hat and gloves, and your silver and gold covetuous serpent rings, and simply smash the Big green hammer wielding fellows. They've got a high drop rate for Titanite shards and Small smooth and silky stones which can be traded at the birds nest for titanite shards chunks and even weapons (I got the demons hammer)

Good luck