im sl 240. am i doomed if everybody that wants pvp at 150?

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fromsoft should make something where u could delevel. i didnt know about the community cap for specialized build. this is my first dark souls. help? :(

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Trust me, you are not doomed. There are plenty of other players that will go up in the ranks whilst PVPing everywhere. Now, I personally hate invading and being invaded, so I do not have much experience in the act. However, if you kill the chariot, and join the blood brotherhood, Gren will sell a red soapstone. Lay this down, and people can choose to summon-invade you. The sign, I think, has a 10+- 10% of your soul level (% and SL might rise/lower, 10 is what I am currently aware of). Iron Keep seems to be PVP HQ in DS2, so I would recommend going there. Remember, invasions only occur in areas where the boss has not been killed and using cracked red/blue orbs is a human use only.

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No you are not doomed at all. People play pvp at all levels. The reason behind there being a SL 150 meta. Is to keep pvp competitive I.E evryone around the same level. It also increases the chances of matchmaking as more people will pvp at SL 150.

It does not rule u out because people will still level past this. there will just be less of them. In fact in japan for dark souls 1 i hear the meta was SL 300.

Besides any way the matchmaking system has not been fully discovered yet. No one yet knows what parameters there are to invading and summoning.