Hexes, magic and miracles

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So I'm normally a typical warrior, and at best dabble with spells. I have a couple soul vessels and want to see some good damage dealing spells but what do you think are some of the best hexes, magic, or any of that stuff in the game? I've had people one shot me in PVP before with them and didn't know where to start.

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for PVP purposes, I used crystal soul mass, soul spear, and soul great sword. The mass stun locks, followed by one of the other 2. Also, there is flame swathe, lingering flame, and a few pyros if you choose that route. I have not gone through many hexes or miracles yet, but the most used I have seen are (cause screw the new names) dark bead, pursuers, and a few dark orbs, along with a few AOEs.

If you do go this route, I would recommend (depending on where you are) getting the Blue Flame sword (undead crypt from the pyromancers that spawn from gravestones) or the miracle equivalent chime/mace (again don't invest in them, so don't know where it is, sorry). Both of which have a heavy attack that will cast the equipped spell, with respectable damage modifier (only 1-2 casting material that would be higher than the 2 weapons).

Hope that helps!