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I beat the game and I'm looking to complete everything I can before ng+. I've beaten vendrick but I just don't know what other side material there is to complete. I'm not really looking to do any pvp because my build isn't that great at it. I usually get beat. I'm a beast in pve though. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'd say look up the list of bosses and make sure you've faced all of them. Other than that It never hurts to join the covenants and rank up in them. And if you're a completionist you could do the same for weapons and armor.

Don't forget that when you do all you want in the PVE adventuring side you can always reallocate your stats to jump into PVP if you wish to. Plus if you exhausted all the bosses, soul weapons, armor, and merchants you'll have an arsenal to decide on what angle you want to choose if you get the itch to pvp.

EDIT: Oh and if you're gonna NG+ just before I smoked all the NPC's to see if they had any special items. Killing the woman who gives you level ups (I want to call her the Maiden in Black but know she isn't) You get an infinite feather that's an everlasting homeward bone. Be aware you'll have some sins tacked on to your name so expect to be invaded if you do that until you pay to be absolved (200,000 souls for me to get back to normal).

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Did you do the side quests of Darkdiver Grandahl, Navlaan, and Pate & Creighton? Check all the NPC's for side quests.

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First off, no offense to fldzpin11, don't listen to that. ALL NPC items, and then some can be acquired from their quest lines, and the feather is received upon entry to Dragon Aire after the guardian dragon. Most of the covies are PVP, which sucks, but only the bell keepers is necessary to get the hidden weapon spell.

*on a up note, if you get the keepers to +1 (at least, best to do a few runs in sol to be sure) and go to belfry sol, there will be a red "mad warrior" that randomly spawns up there. Find him, kill him, sit back at bonfire, rinse and repeat. Kill him 10 times or so to get to +2, then you can leave (unless you want the fairly bad armor, then do another round of 10) :)

*The blood/sentinels' spells (wrath, bountiful sunlight, chaos fireball) can be acquired from reaching Chancellor Wellanger on NG++ (third cycle).

After all that, just sweep up the last of the items you want, and level up to around 200 or so, as NG+ is invader territory, and 150 is the average level of them.

Most of all, EVERYTHING changes in NG+, so having maxed gear would be a good idea.

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Ok cool. Thanks for the good advice.