Dark Souls 2 and Soul memory RANT

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Hello the only reason i created this thread is because i did not see any other threads involving dark souls 2 and its summoning rules.

First off i am a player who helps others alot so my souls memory is of course higher then everyone else around my level.

i am a lvl 86 with over a million soul memory and thanks to the new summoning rules my character is ruined.

The entire game has been easy for me i found the fire longsword in the very first area i visited and it has serverd me well until recently.... i have been able to beat every boss by myself with just my longsword lvl1 and short bow+4 with wood arrows....all the sudden the game gets much much more difficult. i am at drangleic castle and i cant find any help

why? because there are no lvl 90s or 80s or 70s at my lvl with my same soul memory.

Really fromsoft i am being punished for helping other players out.....

Please fix these rules...i am quiting if i cant play with my friends...No i am quiting if i cant play with ANYONE!!!!

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@ggg3444__: I'm actually inclined to agree with you. I had a hard time fighting the Pursuer because I over leveled (My old rpg habits to over train at the start) so I had a tough time since I had to do it alone. And even though my level was higher than the norm it only takes one screw up to get killed in 2 hits.

Best advice I can give you from the info you've given is to upgrade your sword. In these games not upgrading your weapons is a death sentence. I'm sure in time someone will do a naked club run and make me sound stupid. But the sooner you can end fights the better. I'd rather have a good sword and shield than I would armor.

Don't forget too once you ng+ you can't play with non ng+ characters. So if you really over level by the time you get midway you probably won't see anyone cause you'll be in such a niche category. After you beat it though once I wouldn't think you'd have a hard time though.

My second play through I roughly went from SL 130-200 and there were tons of people to summon help from.

Just hang in there buddy.

EDIT: also don't forget about covenant rings. I wore mine a few times to make it easier to link up. There's also that other ring the cat woman at Majula sells to make it easier to pick people with the same deity choice. Wearing those 2 in tandem might be a great help.

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two opinions:

What did you spend all those souls on? Buying out every shop in the game? A little here and there, I can see, but you should be a much higher rank than that.

The equipment you are using is far too low of a level. You find/buy reinforcement material for a reason, use it.

I, for one, have 100%ed DS2, and I never had that problem. Once I found a set of armor/weapons I liked, I maxed it, and focused all my souls on ranks. If you are in the castle, 90% of all signs will be in the King's Gate room, waiting to fight Nashandra. Fldzpin is right too, you are in this black hole of summon ranges, I was a 115 when I hit NG+. Also, FromSoft put these in play to avoid players grinding with others, like before. If you hit NG+, it goes off one rule or the other, not both.

Rage quitting DS because of lack of assistance is just sad. It shows you built your character wrong, or your strategy is not working. FS made DS2 to force the player to adapt and change according to the game and its components. That is why one should always invest in a backup skill (pyromancy is easiest, needing only invest in ATN). If you are that stuck, go back, reroll and/or get some better weeps or gear, and try again. I have heard a large amount of bad excuses to quit a souls game, but a lack of assistance from others is a sad first.

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The game is not balanced properly, not only with levels, but covenants as well. See my latest thread in this forum for details.

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You'll be better off in NG+ but Soul Memory is pretty pointless. Best advice I can give is to level up into the 100's and see if you can find help that way. There is also a generally accepted soft-cap at SL150 that most people have stopped levelling around.

@alcapello said:

The game is not balanced properly, not only with levels, but covenants as well. See my latest thread in this forum for details.