Your mods bait people on purpose, so as to get them banned.

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I've noticed something rather disturbing.

Some of your mods bait people they don't like on purpose. And when said people then flame on the boards, why, its ban time.

Now, I've seen this sort of behavior from mods on other boards, but never expected it from Gamespot mods.

Well, I guess times change, as do standards. O tempora, o mores, as my old latin professor would have said.

What? No, no, dont worry, me old chums, I dont expect you to actually do anything about this sort of thing! After all, given the state of your discussion boards and your website in general, its clear you lot stopped caring ages ago.


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You think these mods are bad? Try going on VGChartz, I was banned for merely saying the Switch is too weak to run Witcher 3, likely having sub 30 frame rates if it did happen.

GS does not have any extreme brand bias to my knowledge, nor have I seen them set traps for GS forum users, that is pretty paranoid to think so.

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@Random_Matt: It's Henry, best not to take him seriously lol.

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@Random_Matt: I don't think GS has any brand bias, but I do think certain mods over the years have baited people they wanted gone. Mods are just people, and do stupid stuff just like the rest of us.

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I don't see any problem with this