Xbox 360 Vid Problems

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Alright here is my dillema. I have been playing my Xbox daily for a long time, today finally I go to fire it up and it fires up fine but it won't give me any video, I switch my TV to component and it just gives me a black screen. So I Fiddled with the cords, unplugged, replugged in, and tried it again and same thing happens,switched the cablesto adifferent component on the tv and same problem. So finally I unplugged the whole thing and tried plugging it into my monitor. It seemed to fire up fine, VIDEO WORKED, but it seemed kinda blurry, not sure if it was because my connection was loose, but I figure I would try turning it off and turning it on again, and now I get nothing again, I get sound but no video, and No red lights. What do you suggest I could do? My warrenty is up. Thanks.

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This is Tech Support for GameSpot. You want the 360 forum most likely.