Would you rather Gamespot present inaccurate info, or just start over?

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Posted by Derek3143 (90 posts) 4 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Would you rather Gamespot present inaccurate info, or just start over? (4 votes)

Start all mutliplatform games' ratings-only user reviews from scratch. 75%
Leave it as it is, even if it's inaccurate. 25%
I don't think it's inaccurate, so no problem here. 0%

Take a look at the user review statistics for "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time"

  • Playstation 2: 2,064 ratings for an average of 9.0
  • Xbox: 986 ratings for an average of 8.9
  • Gamecube: 619 ratings for an average of 9.0
  • PC: 1,162 ratings for an average of 8.8
  • Game Boy Advance 15,102 ratings for an average of 8.9
  • Playstation 3: 13 ratings for an average of 8.5

Obviously, these numbers are inaccurate - there's no way the GBA version of this game received more than three times as many user ratings than all the other versions combined. Somehow, in the site relaunch, Gamespot lost the version-specific ratings data, at least when it comes to ratings that don't have written reviews. Now, they apply the ratings by guesswork. So the GBA version might have had an average of 8.2, but a bunch of 9.1 and 9.0 ratings from the other versions got reapplied to the GBA version and brought the average up (and possibly brought the average from the other versions down).

Check any multi-platform game at all, and you will see the same obvious evidence of inaccurate data.

My suggestion is that Gamespot simply acknowledge that the ratings-only data for multi-platform games is inaccurate, and that it's useless to present it if it's not correct. Assuming there's no way to recover the accurate data, I think they should delete all the inaccurate numbers, leaving only (a) information for games that are exclusive to one platform, and (b) ratings from written user reviews. Then Gamespot can have a call-to-arms for their users to repopulate the ratings with accurate information.

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#1 Posted by leon2365 (13094 posts) -

I personally think starting over would ruin it just as much as it is now. with how few users are left on the site, the ratings would still be inaccurate. having such few people will make the scores lean to either extremely good, or extremely bad. that can lead to poor decision making when buying a version of a game. seeing as how bad it is now as well, this can also lead to poor decisions when buying a specific version of a game. so its just better to leave it as is. besides, it isn't too easy to find older versions of games, so when making decisions on which version is better, they can look at the more modern choices. though the older versions shouldn't be left to die with no praise. some were good and deserve the scores they have. the newer versions can always continue to be scored as new people play them, and since more focus will be put on those newer versions, people wont really look at the older versions' scores.