Work-Around: Auto-spanning Issues When Resizing Windows

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Some of you might have noticed that resizing browser windows causes details to drop out of the webpage, especially when browsing a user's forum post history and user review listings.

This is of course not pleasing to those of you who want to cram as many windows into your screen as possible.

After fiddling around with the Element Hiding Helper tool for the AdBlock Plus add-on for my browser, I find that disabling the following webpage element (a DIV class object) fixes the issue:

Unfortunately, this particular element is also used to display the summary of user's profile, namely that sidebar thingy on the right which shows how long a user has been around and such.

P.S. I find it very displeasing that I have to disable a site design as a work-around for a problem which I have.

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Judging by how the page suddenly massively changes and starts exhibiting this issue only once it's width is dropped below a certain amount (window height doesn't make a difference) I suspect this is an issue with how the site handles smaller screens more than anything - it essentially changes the site to a mobile layout style, and the right hand sidebar bugs out and stretches/overlaps all of the content for forum history etc - hence why hiding it allows you to see the necessary content. As such I suspect some mobile users that are restricted to just the mobile layout won't be able to see their forum history at all, rather than just when the window is shrunk.

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I want to mention here that this problem doesn't appear to be occurring for me anymore. If this was fixed, can anyone give me a link to any mention by any GameSpot staffer?