Why is this site so friggin slow?

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#1 Posted by PS4hasNOgames (2620 posts) -

Like once a week this site is unbearably slow, it takes forever for a page to load. And no its not my internet, every other site is fast and normal.

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#3 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28392 posts) -

Because BluRay is gone.

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#4 Posted by jasean79 (2593 posts) -

Because one day every week pays tribute to "dial up internet". For the entire day, websites that recognize this national holiday purposely slow down their page loading times to re-enact the days of old of 56k modems.

Gamespot is one of the top sites that recognizes this important day and pays homage very true to that of the early 90's internet.

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#8 Posted by thehig1 (6231 posts) -

@ps4hasnogames: it's been really slow today, however other days it's fine.

It's really frustrating, other sites load fine but sometimes gamespot forums are really slow or just won't load

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#9 Posted by br0kenrabbit (15163 posts) -

Gamespot.com pings just fine (average 71ms over 100 pings) so it's not their network, it's either their load-balancer or their content servers.

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All the traffic these forums receive must be it.

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@AutoPilotOn said:

All the traffic these forums receive must be it.

Yeah, that old Amiga 500 is really working overtime.

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#12 Posted by harry_james_pot (11399 posts) -

It usually loads fine, but it's been really slow today for some reason..

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#13 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

@ps4hasnogames: Moved to Bug Reporting & Feedback

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#14 Posted by Glitter (355 posts) -

It is fast on the school computers, but slow on my computer; but I understand why this is in a way.

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I don't have a good answer, but if your browser can support blocking tools, you might want to experiment by looking up what you can block without breaking the display of webpages on this site.

Here's a screenshot of what I have blocked on GameSpot with Ad-Block Plus thus far - on this page alone.

GameSpot links itself to a lot of tracking sites - for example, Clicktale. Maybe that's one of the causes.

Also, the current site framework has a lot of resizing scripts; when you resize your window, your browser often has to load in more webpage elements which have been tailored for that resize - images especially. It gets really slow when this happens.

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I know no one is really paying attention to bugs and feedback but your mom jokes isn't gonna reach the administrators any faster than your suggestions are so please refrain from doing so in the future because I'll be watching over the forum in the future. >.> Behave guys please.

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Yeah the performance of this site compared to almost every other on the entire net is unacceptably slow. I though the main reason for switching was old outdated servers that couldn't handle modern traffic, yet here we are in that same boat.

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@Bigboi500: This site is shit since they redesigned it. Terrible mess now