Why I am not happy with the website gamespot.

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#1 Posted by guerilla-man (57 posts) -

Okay I am going toanother website and why?

I do not like he limited posts you can only make on this site.

On another website it allows me to make as many posts as I like without limitations.

I could not even make a blog because this website will not let me.

Im not happy with this site and I feel like I am going to deactivate my account.

Atleast I can go to another website and make as many posts as I like.

I recently tried to make a reply and some how this site would not let me make a reply .

If this limit of making a post is not going to change . I have to say I am going to a site which will not limit my posts to tell me how many posts a day I can or can not make. I am out!

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#2 Posted by Mandzilla (4084 posts) -

Oh? I didn't even know there was a post limit. Maybe it could have been a glitch or something preventing you from posting dude.

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#3 Posted by uninspiredcup (33254 posts) -

Probably because the forum gets spammed shitless with bots.

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#4 Posted by guerilla-man (57 posts) -

NoI guess its just a silly glitch stopping me from posting and I am pretty tired of it.

If this glitch or issue continues,im done!

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#6 Posted by thehig1 (7277 posts) -

@guerilla-man: theres no need to announce your leaving, nobody cares.

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#7 Posted by guerilla-man (57 posts) -

@thehig1: I dont care that you don’t care because I am not announcing.

I am Just saying it would be good to see to get this problem fixed. So I can hopefully stay in the forum.

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#8 Posted by killerfist (20121 posts) -

Pretty sure there is a post limit because of the bots that spam the site every now and then. I think the post limit will go away after a certain amount of posts or time. It should be only for new users. Correct me if I'm wrong though. A mod or Admin could confirm and explain.

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#9 Posted by zanelli (1117 posts) -

Yep that is correct, there is a post limit for new users.