Why do I keep getting stealth banned from the comments?

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It sucks, it should at least give me a reason, I've never said anything offensive to any one, I've seen really bad comments from people and they keep coming back just fine. How does the flag system work? If fanbois flag you for a comment, does that get you banned?

I seem to make positive comments about the Xbox One and then suddenly the next day I'm banned from them. I can tell because I'll comment, log out or log into another account and the comment isn't there.

Had to make so many different accounts just because I keep getting stealth banned for no reason. My old main account from 2002ish was banned from the forums and I was given no reason, I never even posted in weeks and suddenly I was banned....

Hate this new site, never had a problem with the old one.

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#2 Posted by korvus (10998 posts) -

The flag system does nothing automatically, the report has to be processed by moderators and we have a 3 strike policy so you should never be banned for a single offense and without receiving a reason. Please PM me the names of your other accounts so I can check it out.