why arn't Stacks fixed by now?

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I hardly use this site after the latest update as this site doesn't seem personal to me anymore, more so due to the fact that the adding games to your account is still broken!

Would someone please tell me what's going on with the stack situation, as I can only add 75 games to my owned list, and am unable to add anymore!! I've tried to create new stacks, but even though my account tells me I have 5, I'm unable to access them.. whats going on? And why aren't Gamespot sorting this problem out?

In the past I put many hours into this site, and simply feel that Ive been let down since the last update

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Stacks are a work in progress. The worst part about this is that we can't group by platform. It is very frustrating that all my work in the past organizing the games is now gone.

But in order to answer your question about adding games, there are 2 types of stacks: Ranked and Unranked. Ranked allows only 100 items. Unranked allows you to add unlimited games to that stack. You can switch between them at the edit page. But be careful because going from Unranked to Ranked will truncate your list to the first 100 items. Hope this helps.