Who to contact about a non-working video?

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I tried to re-watch this gamespot video recently: http://www.gamespot.com/videos/contra-4-stage-demo/2300-6174741/

However, it does not work anymore. How do I contact the site staff to inform them about this issue? This is a particular interview video that I've been wanting to get back to, so it's unfortunate that it doesn't work. I tried using the site's contact system, but my support message isn't being sent, for some reason.

Help is appreciated.

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Not working for me either.

As it's a very old video now, I'm assuming it was lost in the site revamp.

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I'm hoping it can be recovered/fixed. Is there any staff member I can contact about this? Or would it be possible if this request can be relayed to a staff member? I'd really appreciate it.

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From a couple of months back:

@LarkAnderson said:
@HackerXtreme said:

What about the old videos pre-2008 that won't play at all? This has been a problem even before the relaunch of the site.

This was because, when we made the decision to move over to FLV (and later, MP4), we didn't re-encode our entire video library due to its size. This is something that we'll be fixing this year, though, in the meanwhile, I'll make sure that these busted videos are hidden from the site so that you don't land on a video page that plays a 30s ad and then...nothing, which is obviously super frustrating.


PS: The PM you sent to all the mods is also received by the CMs, who will likely pass it on to the appropriate staff members. Lark and DigitalDame also browse this board and may notice it that way.

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Alright, thanks a lot. I'm hoping this particular Contra video can be viewed/accessed sooner (whether it's through the site or perhaps offline viewing), as per the reason I followed up in PM (documenting the version differences).

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Would it be possible to request to a support staff if they could just simply upload that video, so I can simply view it sooner? There are only 2 video requests thus far (mines and another user), so it really isn't that much of a task, is it?