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Looks great, I dig it. Nice work whoever came up with it :).

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Still don't like the sudden changes but I'm trying to get used to it. Wish I had an option to go back to the old format :(

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The half-page top-to-bottom ad on the main page is annoying, especially since it takes a few seconds to load. I try to click on a different link to Games/News/Forums/etc on the top and half the time I click on the ad after it loads suddenly.

Almost like they did that on purpose...

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It's disappointing that they brought over the header from Giant Bomb - the new header is terrible. It animates slowly, closes if you hover off the link before going into the open menu, and just looks boring. Plus the right side menus animate over and over as you mouse from one to the next. I was really hoping they'd fix the one on Giant Bomb, not bring it over to other sites.

Apart from the visuals, notice that Games is now just pushed to be a drop down and Entertainment and Deals takes much more space.