Way too many on-screen ads and ads-spamming... make a real change PLZ

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I am reading Gamespot for years by now, but it's getting a pure annoyance by now. I do not complain about the Videos, except the fact that most of them break down or get stuck after the advertising-intro.

No, it's the pages being flooded by ads. I cannot open and read a single page without having to hide one or more bars on the bottom/side or without closing an ad in the middle of the screen. There are 10 ads on each page and zero is of my interest, because they are not relevant for me or just click-bait.

Gamespot emails are now always recognized as spam. That's particularily funny, because I have already deactivated 2 filters on my side. Seems the world (providers) have a clear understanding of what Gamespot is all about.

So, I am still interested in Gamespot's content regarding games, reviews, videos and chat. Are any real plans to stop this annoyance - maybe even by a premium membership?


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use uBlock Origins