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Why does every game review website pick someone without any presentation skills to do the video reviews? Either their delivery is flat, or they are monotone, or they talk too fast, or they have a lisp so that it's difficult to understand them, or all of the above! Is there any video game reviewer out there that actually does a fair job at narrating their videos?

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In my case they could totally do away with video reviews as well as video news etc.

It's far more enjoyable to read that stuff and that way it also sticks way better in your mind than when some guy just talks about it, until it is one epic "Picard Must Draw The Line Here" type of talks, which, as you already mentioned above, is as good as never the case.

And always those seemingly forced "I'm cool, I'm hip, I play video games" kind of attitude.... UGH >_>

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IGN had this Halo Story in 5 minutes video a few years back. I thought "oh this should be good." I couldn't understand half of what the guy was saying! It might've been that he was talking fast to make it in the time limit, but if you can't understand it, what's the point?