Video player extremely laggy

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Okay, this has been a long patience test. A year ago I've been using Chrome, struggling to watch feedbackula, but eventually being happy with just listening to it. Now I'm on Firefox and it's still very same: all videos with gamespot player are choppy at best of the times, turning into slideshows (1 frame per 1-5 seconds) at worse times, or showing me just 1 frame for entire video while sound continues playing okay. Sometimes it gets completely stuck refusing to respond to any controls afterwards, this time sound getting stuck as well, and only page reload helps. Strangely, the first part with ads never has any of these.

I have adblock plus installed but I have it disabled for gamespot.

Edit: Just tried with Chrome again, much smoother. Still, I'd like it working with FF. Using latest version of both FF and flash plug-in. Before you blame it on my system: videos on other sites run absolutely fine in full HD.

Another edit: Never mind. I'll just watch them on youtube.