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Whenever my gs homepage shows I have however many updates, and when I click on the little icon to go see them, I'm taken to the Fuse page which has been showing the same Starcraft 2 matches for the last five weeks. It even helpfully shows "5 weeks ago" under the piece. This has probably been happening from the time updates began to link me to Fuse, though obviously about five weeks ago it actually showed a "recent" update for once. I thought maybe it just default to the wrong tab or something, but couldn't find anywhere the actual updates would have been. Is the old update page still somewhere? The one before fuse? The one that worked and gave updates as shown?

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There's a sticky for this at the top of this forum. :) The current problem with the updates is being worked on, for the time being please use the "my updates" located on the left side of your profile page (just under your username, level bar).