Unify cover art, reviews and answers for all PC operating system

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I suspect that you are already working on a new version of the site since the current one feels outdated but can you do a quick fix in this version? I recently discovered that you added UNIX/Linux options to the Game List feature and when I added Amnesia to Linux I noticed that the review score was gone and the cover art corped. I don't think it is necessary to have three separate cover arts and review scores for each OS. There isn't enough Linux/Mac users to have a separate Answers either. I'd prefer if these could be unified into one setup for each game.

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Any comments GS? I see now why you would have separate cover art. It's for the console games and the 360vPS3 logo. To be fair Answers has does have a all Platform tab(altough it isn't visible from the Unix tab). But the review score! Merge them. I guess multiplatform handheld games would benefit from a separate review score ability but it's annoying for us Mac/Linux users. multiplatform handheld games with the same names is pretty much a dead phenomena.