Try the new GameSpot News Beta and let us know what you think!

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Hey All,

We need your help to test out an exciting new feature that we have been working on.

What is it?

News Beta is a faster way of reading your games news.

Why did we work on this?

We want readers to get to the content that they are looking for faster. To do this, we've simplified the way that you can browse headlines and made everything lighter and faster.

How can I try this?

We are inviting our community to help us test this feature! Couple of things to note ~

  • Must be logged in to see
  • Mobile Only (try this on your phone!)
  • Go to and you'll see how to try news beta above popular articles

How can I help?

We'd love any feedback! Let us know what you think in this forum. We'll be keeping an eye here.

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#3 Posted by Willy105 (24873 posts) -

Why is it mobile only?

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@Willy105: We focused on mobile first since it's a smaller screen but we plan to eventually expend to desktop as well!

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Love the streamlined look of the site on mobile. Would also like it if videos didn’t auto play on mobile as it mutes my music or other audio when a video auto plays even the video is muted.

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#6 Posted by itsHumanity (29 posts) -

Maybe it’s a current bug but I’m seeing light grey text on a white background, which is very hard to read.

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#7 Posted by JusstaDrop (31 posts) -

Why aren’t ALL the stories showing up on the beta page? There are about 4 or 5 missing since the Death Stranding safety room article

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@itsHumanity: Can you please take a screenshot and show it to me? It might be the read state for articles that you already viewed