Too much Black Friday trash flooding the news section.

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I get it, Black Friday is a big deal this time of year. But it's made keeping up with the current news absolutely impossible. Your entire site has become one giant cluster-**** of blatant advertising.

During big events you guys usually contain the flood of related news in a specific sub-section of the site(i.e. E3 logo in the header during June/July). You should have done something similar for Black Friday.

All you are doing is driving away your users. How effective will all this advertising be if no one is left to advertise to?

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@suicidesn0wman: Thanks for your feedback, we actually feel the same way about Black Friday deals taking over the homepage and are coming up with strategies to make sure it won't happen again next year. Sorry about this and hope that things are starting to quiet down, it may take a week or so for the feeds to completely go back to normal. The "recent" tab might be a better place to look for this week. Thank You!