The rating filters on game reviews is broken

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I was trying to get a list of the best PS4 games as rated by Gamespot but I'm having the following difficulties:

  • If I access the Reviews page (, leave it sorted by Release Date, choose Playstation 4 as the platform, change the minimum score to 8 and click on Refresh List, it will apparently work, displaying currently a total of 187 results, but if I try to get the same type of listing from the PS4 page clicking on "See All Highest Rated PlayStation 4 Games" ( and applying the same filters then I will see games such as "Hand of Fate 2" and "Ruiner" which have a score of 8 but do not appear in the first mentioned listing...and the total in this second listing is of 374 results!? Why the difference?
  • But not only that, if I try to use this second listing (, sorted by the Release Date, only for Playstation 4 platform, for the release date of All-time and with the minimum score of 8 (the same exact configuration of the first listing) it will also show games which have a rating bellow 7 (examples: "Life is Strange: Before the Storm" and "LawBreakers")...this is even stranger as not only the Gamespot rating is bellow 7 but also the user average score! Could it be that you're taking in consideration other metrics about the user submitted scores?

I would really appreciate if you could look into this as it really kills the browsing of your reviews.



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@flipovic: Thank you so much for all of this information! There's a long and short answer to this.

Long answer: The reviews page is searching the database off of reviews for games, but platform (ps4) is searching off of games. What that means is games with no reviews will also be part of the search results which is the cause of the discrepancy. The scores are returning incorrectly because games are reviewed on multiple platforms and the system is indexing it at a higher score, even when the ps4 score is lower. We are aware of these issues and are evaluating the work needed to rebuild this system as it touches all of our code and databases.

Short answer: we have to rebuild this system for it to work properly which is going to take quite a bit of time. We are scoping out the project for next year, but it's a very time consuming project so I'm unsure when we would be able to get this done.

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@angerawr: Thanks for the feedback! In that case I wish you a good work (and luck) in correcting/changing this system! I'll look forward to see it when its corrected! ;-)


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my ratings and reviews are not visible for some reason. I rated 100 games but not one is visible. the wasteland message keeps popping up.

please help.