The forum needs a stronger protection

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hi there

I was wondering if everyone would would like to listen to this message clearly

"In our recent forum visit,we saw a huge amount of illegal online TV show promotions,this also includes a very stupid thing in a wrong place,for the common example,why would anyone need a feedback to promote themselves in HTG,or an obsoletely persuasive topics in the OT and the mature version OTAH?"

that's not what I wanted to see,neither do you. in what way will you do to help the forums stay protected?

I have my union on a full patrol concerning the possible breach by these "illegally signed-up people"

I love the forums,but these people using their filthy minds from the first post and leave immediately to make a replacement to do the same thing. that is why I want admins,moderators and rangers to be very observant,they could attack anytime.



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You'd be surprised how much of that abuse just isn't reported to us. It's easy for us to deal with once it's in the system.