System Wars and the definition of 'casual' and 'hardcore'

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Apparently, there was posts going on about the terms 'casual' and 'hardcore' for the last couple of years in the system wars forum. During that time, it seems that the posters there have forgot the actual real reason the term exists, which is the time spent on the video games (less time being 'casual' and more time being 'hardcore'). In the system wars definition, 'casual' would resemble a game that would attract children with the use of motion controls and easy games and 'hardcore' would resemble a game that would attract teens-adults without motion controls and are hard games. What I'm coming with is that there should be a clarification of what the two terms would be to try to do the following:

-reduce 'trolling' and 'flaming'

-would use stronger arguements to support their system of choice (its still their opinion though)