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Hi GS crew.

I use Gamespot in order to manage my games, like the games I own, and the ones I wish to purchase. I would like to see some more features on it. For example, consider that there is the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series of multiple games across multiple platforms (Xbox and Xbox360). Instead of ordering them according to alphabetical order, I would like to see it ordered by release date. With the old games on top and the newer ones on the bottom. But without other games getting inbetween the Tom Clancy games that I am focussed upon. I guess what I am saying is, I'd like to group some games together, and order them in my own order. For example, I would like to order the non-retail download only PS3 and Xbox Live games in their own group. I'd like to tag the games I have already finished playing.

I love Gamespot, and it is on the first few websites I visit every morning. In fact, Gamespot and gamesindustry are the only two game websites I frequent. I used to be a paying member until I realized I had to finish my studies soon, and will again be a paying member after finishing my school. Thanks for the website. I love Gamespot, and am just suggesting something that I think will make the site even better.

- anarayan