"Submit A Question" on GameSpot Help and Support not working

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#1 Posted by Gelugon_baat (23577 posts) -

This feature on this page is not working. There is no notification on whether the question has been submitted or not.

Is this an issue for CBSI management to tackle, or has the feature been frozen in favor of something else?

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#2 Posted by leon2365 (13094 posts) -

indeed it looks very cryptic on whether the message was sent or not.

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I managed to discover the problem. It lies with the default URL of that webpage. See below:


I managed to get a complaint through by truncating the URL to the following:


This is a silly glitch.

(However, before you, the reader, consider this is to be the solution, you may want to know that I do not know whether the variables that I have removed from the URL are needed so that the submission went to a human that would read it. For all I know, this work-around could have the submission ending up in some buried archive at CBSI.)

P.S. F*ck, I can't remove the "Best Answer" that I have put myself. I was curious to see whether I can mark my post of the work-around that I have come up with or I have to mark someone else's post.

P.P.S. I am bookmarking this thread just in case I want to tell anyone else of this glitch. Please don't delete this thread, any forum board manager that is reading this.

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#4 Posted by Rick (913 posts) -

Uhh, I'm not really sure who if anyone is paying attention to whatever that page sends your comment to... Its really out of date. I know its given at the bottom of the help page, I could be wrong... Your best bet for a solution is posting on this forum.

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#5 Posted by Gelugon_baat (23577 posts) -


That would be most appropriate for problems affecting the site itself and that site staffers are the best ones to help with a problem.

However, I want to know whether a channel that lets a submission go directly to CBSI, or at least send a CC/notification to some suit or bureaucrat at CBSI, is working or not.