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Sorry for my language, but Please for the Love of EVERYTHING STOP THE F***** Upvoting/Rehashing of articles. I'm getting really sick seeing the same article about 6 times a day and there are no updates in the article. This is getting real pathetic GS. Now is E3 and a lot of articles I already seen 6 times and everytime a new time it is updated (but again there is no update in the article). I always try to stay up to date on your site on all the news, it was a nice site to stay up to date on the news but now IT IS A G*DD*MN HASSLE staying up to date on the news. You have to closely look at the news to find the NEW articles. This is getting WORSE and WORSE, again it is really getting PATHETHIC.

Best thing right now for me is to stop looking at your news section till it is fixed and only watch your videos (sometimes you post them also again) but it is not so big of a problem like your news section (or universe section). Maybe if i visit your site now without looking at the news section, I doesn't feel like a task anymore but looking at something fun. But to see your site fall off so big after so many people left it breaks my heart. I REALLY LOVED THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the emphasis on loved now everytime i visit your site it feels like a jobtask ( GO FIND THE NEW NEWS THROUGH ALL OUR OLD NEWS). I hope you can fix this with a better overlook in your news section., again I really loved your site.

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@baydr01: Thanks so much for your feedback, this is an issue we are aware of and are working on the algorithm to reduce seeing the same content repeatedly. Please be patient as this is something we're tweaking constantly.

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@angerawr: I wasn't going to answer this, but i'm really frustrated, I really think the one who makes this decisions of the articles and news really thinks we're all stupid on this site. How is it the algorithm if you are updating the articles, like the spiderman article of getting the homecoming and avengers suit, every day it is updated multiple times, I see it in the newsfeed of latest news every f*cking day. The articles of RDR2 is updated multiple times since yesterday and NO new content added to it. It is seriously clickbait and getting more clicks with the articles. Your site was really good with Danny O'Dwyer, Mary Kish, Chris Watters, my man Homer but since there gone it is all rehashing. If you don't know what to do maybe more esports?? your a gaming site so why so little in esports while it is really booming right now. I really enjoyed your Overwatch League videos but why no coverage of it? There are 8 new teams added to next season why no coverage of that? Interview players? see you have new content and no rehashing................................

p.s. sorry for my comment on spiderman avengers suit I was really really frustrated, seeing the article so many times in the newsfeed, I had the feeling that your bosses/employers/the one who makes the decision really thinks we're all really stupid on this site.

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Just checked newsfeed again and again a example this article I have seen at least 5 times as latest news. Come on GS