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#1 Thanatos2k
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This is a systemtic problem on this site since your last redesign, but old articles repeatedly resurface at the top of your news feed masquerading as new articles posted on a current date.

Here's a perfect example:

"Falcom President Talks The Future Of Legend Of Heroes, And Localizing Trails Of Cold Steel 3"

By | on December 2, 2019 at 11:37AM PST

This article is 4 months old, but you'd never know it by the datestamp on the article, nor the fact that it appeared near the top of today's news feed like it was a new article. The comment datestamps couldn't be faked though, revealing the truth.

You are either consciously doing this or it's a bug in your implementation. Either way it's obnoxious. You see the same articles over and over and over in the feeds, when I only want to see actual new articles.