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Months ago I was told that GS was working on getting stack functionality back to how it was on the old GS site. Any progress on that. I need an easier way to add them to any stack and I need to be able to sort by title, release date, score, and platform. This was my favorite and most used feature at GS. I have searched for a different site where I can do this and have come up empty.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it....

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The update should be here within a week I think, and you'll be able to sort them by name, release date, GS score, and user score.

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@harry_james_pot: thanks, I hope you're right!

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Over A week later and stacks still suck!! And the site is painfully slow! Remember when gamespot was good? Before they "made it better" those were the days...

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supposedly the update is now out, and stacks should be working.