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I am currently not able to add new games to my stacks since the search box no longer brings up any queries when a title is entered into it.

Also there are several miscounts on my profile concerning how many stacks and images I currently have uploaded;

I have 18 stacks but the count on my profile says 22

I have 6 images uploaded while the count says only 5.

If anyone has the power to fix this please do so because this kind of stuff drives me bonkers!


P.S. Why can't I delete blog posts anymore?

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Blog posts can currently only be deleted by mods/staff - I believe this is down to the tool not currently allowing permissions specific to your own blogs but rather an all or nothing deal as of the site revamp. It should already be on the list of things to implement, but there's a lot to go through and I doubt it's particularly high priority, particularly with E3 coming up and the many bugs the site has.

As for miscounts - to add to that, thread posts sometimes miscount the number of posts in a thread, normally only by a very small amount however. There's been reports of the reviews number being buggy as well - but there's several known review-specific bugs atm.

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@robotopbuddy: In other words, nobody's going to do anything.

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@Starshine_M2A2: On the contrary, it's simply not practical to work on everything all at once, and priorities are in place to ensure that more crucial issues are dealt with 1st. It's not like the developers are ignoring issues like these completely, it's a particularly small team, especially when considering the large site size and they can only work so fast - not the mention that with each change there's a chance of new bugs appearing.

In addition, on the blogs side you can currently edit your blogs to ask for them to be deleted and then flag them yourself to bring them to the attention of the mods for deletion. This is of course only until the feature is modified to support users deleting their own blogs, which as previously mentioned is likely to be a relatively low priority thing to address.