Sort Stacks by My Score currently does not work for me

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I think this error has been around for a while, but when I sort my stacks by My Score they do not get sorted correctly. All the different scores just kind of get scrambled and games I have not rated yet also get scrambled in between. I use GameSpot mainly to sort of keep track of my games/ratings/reviews, kind of like a library/filing system and really hope that this can be fixed. In theory the code for sorting on ratings should be fairly simple and is correctly implemented in many other parts of the site.

(In the general search engine one can sort by Member Score, but not by "My Score" as far as I can tell. Is there another way to sort by my own ratings other than the stacks?)

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Still hoping for a reply...

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@Haruko-sama I've submitted this as a feature to fix, however it may take some time as there are things that are higher priority. I will update when we fix this.