Sony Playstation 3 system maintence for slims

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Playstation 3 System/Database/Update maintence for slims

Hold down the power button intill u hear 3 beeps (counting the one u hear

when turning it on)

than let go of the power button your playstation 3 will turn off.

Hold down the power button again intill u hear a double beep than let go. After you hear this your playstation

will ask you to plug in the USB controller charger (comes with every playstation 3).

this is allow u access to the technical maintence for your ps3 allowing u to fix your

database,updates,system or just allow u to restart your system. This is what most tech

people do at Sony when u send it away to them.

Cleaning out the inside of your playstation 3 without taking it apart.

Make sure your system is off while doing this please make breathing room around your ps3.

Unplug your system after doing this hold down the open/eject button for about 10+ seconds

and while holding down the open/eject button plug your console back in while continuing

to hold it down intill your fan starts up than let go.

Your fans inside your console is now running faster than it ever has while blowing all

that unwanted dust from your console out the sides if u wish u take it apart still after

thats intirely up to u but most of the time this works.

After the fans have stopped make sure to unplug your console again (wont turn on unless u

do this) and plug it back in.